1. Want to help us with our photography outreach by becoming a NICU photography volunteer? Please contact us to start the process.

2. Sewing volunteers we need you! 

We really need volunteers to join in our efforts. Our reach is very large with over 8,000 supporters following our facebook page and over 20,000 views a month on our blog/website. We are growing and we need your help! Here is a list of ways you can participate in the launch of this new program:

-Donating fabric or supplies
-Cutting out patterns and mailing them in to our offices, or
-Partially completing items - NICU giraffes and positioners (contact us for tutorial and patterns)
-Completing items start to finish - any items you wish to make for preemies or angels ~or~ help with NICU giraffes (contact us for tutorial and pattern) Ideas may include preemie blankets, angel wraps, angel gowns, NICU outfits, preemie outfits, isolette quilts, baby blankets, small handmade stuffed animals, the list goes on! 
-Knitting or crocheting preemie hats

When you are ready to mail in please send to:

Preemie Prints
2306 Kendal Green Cir. 
College Station Tx 77845

You can visit our main Preemie Prints facebook page to see pictures of gift bundles going out to sweet families across the USA! www.facebook.com/preemieprints